Australia Pics - WARNING - large size

So here’s a sample of the first cut of photos. A larger, better quality bunch will be on my webspace soon.

First to Sydney. From the AMP tower

From the water.

Then to Port Stephens for some Humpback Whale watching

Mum and Calf

Just the tail this time

Our rather nice chalet in the mountains at Laminton National Park

and the inevitable sunset the first night

Walking the hills

and 4x4 around the rainforest

Chris tries the 45m high Aerial Runway

Not to be outdone

Off to Dreamworld theme park for a go on this 55m tower drop

but only Chris could face this interesting rotaing Viking Boat type jobbie

so I had to pay penance

Off to Cairns for Four days liveaboard diving the inner Barrier Reef on Kangaroo Explorer

Turtles clean their shells by rubbing against rocks or quite enjoy you doing it for them

Larger fish go to cleaning stations where the local Wrasse are happy to provide the service of removing parasites

Back on land from Cairns up the mountain to Kuranda on the old railway

The Kuranda Hydroelectric Dam

and back on the cable car

Back to Cairns for another 4 day Liveaboard on the outer Barrier Reef on the rather superior Spirit of Freedom

Coral Sea

Chris & Fran between two Bommies

Off the boat on Lisard Island and Fran trugs up the hill to see what there is to see

From Lizard Islant airport terminal which must be one of the few you can still have a cig in …

… on a rather interesting low level flight in this 8 seater …

… back to Cairns

Up to Cape Tribulation for a bit of 4x4 action on unsealed roads and fords

Off to Melborne - so what’s this road famous for. From the number of stickybeaks like us, I wouldn’t want to live there.

The House of Trouser

and the Kennedy residence.

Ah yes… Everybody needs good … {anag of “eriNsborough”} for those interested

Into the City

and at night from our appartment

Then its home to the DIY :wink: :sigh:

sounds like a good time.

that looks fantastic, but I spy a porkie pie in there, right near the end … :lol:

Who you trying to kid ??? :confused:

Looking forward to the others once posted :nod:


I love that last pic of the city at night :slight_smile:

Glad you had a good time :nod:

It all looks fabulous.

Mrs B will be pleased about the DIY comment as well :smiley:

Those pics are fantastic Mr B :thumbsup: I bet it was indeed an anti-climax to come back home :frowning:

Excellent pics mate…
Having a year ago got married in WA, I’m still in awe of Oz so its great to see some pics.

Fantastic photos, you look like you had a real good time, now, howmuch DIY have you got left to do??

some very nice pic’s there Tim :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Remember the original thread on this one.

Erm … About that much still. :smiley:

So here’s some more underwater pics. That’ll be about all I’ll put in here or I’ll risk the wrath of those powah’ hungry admins :smiley:

Just a few general shots of the reefs

Here’s Chris. He uses so little air underwater we generally try to find him a bottle with a knakced O ring so he looses air from between his regs and the bottle :smiley:

and Fran

The fish. Idents are a bit suspect because I’m not too familiar atm with all the Aussie critter flavours.



Blue Grouper

School of Bumpheads near the surface


Clown fish

Clown Anemoniefish

Giant Clam

Lionfish. Stay away from this one



Large Potato Cod

Rock Hind

When Turtles get over 50 yers old or so they give up grooming their shell and are called Scruffies. This one is around 1.5m long

Spotted Butterflyfish


Hawkbill Turtle …

… and again

Cleaner Wrasse. These little bu99ers see divers as a big fish that needs cleaning. They seem to prefer ears.

The Dunno fish.

and another kind of Dunno

There’s lots of them


So where’s the boat. Good navigation Chris

Time to get out the water


I found Nemo! :smiley:

:chuckle: :nod:

Clown Anemoniefish

Great pics Balrog! I really liked the second set of underwater shots. Looks like a great time! :slight_smile:

nice pics, i wish i could go there for a holiday :cry:

wow Dan, thread revival - look at the dates of the others posts :lol:

And stop with the hinting, you know we have a good chance of being there for Christmas this year if work goes well :slight_smile:

ok, ok, i’ll stop dropping hints at you:spammed:

It would be nice. I have relatives out there and they love it. My brother went there for Christmas to visit and had a great time. Here’s hoping you get the chance to go there guys.

Holy thread resurrection - but a nicely done 10 ton hint Dan.

Hope you guys get there :slight_smile: Sure to enjoy it.