Avi to DVD keeps causing error

In the past I have converted AVI files to dvd format without a problem using DVD Santa. Now every time I try it starts then almost straightaway comes up with standard WinXP Error saying it “has encountered a problem and needs to close”. The strange thing is that I have now tried with about 5 different programmes and I keep getting the same error result with each one.

I have tried with different avi files and using different hds for the source and result store but each time I get the same error. Nothing obvious from the programmes but the same win error and it halts. I havn’t installed anything new (apart from the new converters and the problem started before then) But I am lost as to where to look to cure it .

Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

it could be codecs ? maybe your codecs have got corrupt ?

try reinstalling them ?

Thanks bin, I thought of that and have installed the Ace mega Codecs pack I picked up from the last Mojos I went to. Not sure what would have caused them to fail now but it made no difference to the errors anyway.


If it’s happening on many programs, run memtest from PC boot for a couple of cycles to check. A common problem is a failing stick of ram causing this sort of behaviour.


Thanks DT, I’ll give that a go but I hope not, I could really do without replacing that atm. Mind you might be a good time to up the quantity a bit :wink:

Strange thing is apart from this error everything is working fine and no other programmes are causing any problems :confused:

Still I’ll be back with the results shortly, Cheers

i’m still thinking codec but i’ve only had this kind of problem one time and if i remember correctly i got around it by installing a different codec.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Ah memory errors, Things like AVi conversion use ALL the memory in your computer and regular progams seldom do.

You might just try and pull then reseat the memory, that sometime cures such issues.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

OK 3 hours of running Memtest, it’s gone repeatedly through all the tests and not a single error. tbh I’m not sure if that’s good or bad news really. It would have been nice to isolate it like that.

I’ve removed the modules and refitted them, even swapped them round and it’s still the same, so I tending to think it’s not memory but…

I have no idea what codec I was running before but the Ace pack is meant to have replaced all the existing ones anyway and it’s not made any impact on this problem :confused:

I am really shying away from an xp reinstall because of the amount of stuff I’ve got on here but I’m not sure where to go next.


You could try downloading this codec pack


yeah go with klite mega
does the job

other than that you could look into somthing called winAVI. Seems to convert to DVD aswell

Yup, i’m a fan of the klite mega… I have the one you got from mojo’s too and i have never actually installed it.

I’m sure I had the ACE mega codec pack installed and spybot detacted some gain/gator stuff in it and when I “fixed it” the codecs didn’t work properly. I would give the k-lite codecs a go.


Big thanks to all who have offered help :slight_smile:

I got the Klite codecs (the mega pack) as it was free and said it had everything :wink: It had to wipe out the Ace pack first but seemed to do it fine. The first thing I noticed was that it shafted both my Divx player and Win Media player :eek: But after a quick reinstall/upgrade of one and a repair if the other all is now well. Avi.s now convert in all the software i had installed and everything is sweet again.

MasterChief - Win AVi was one of the programmes I used which was falling over, it now works fine.

Curly - I didn’t get any Virus warning but it certainly didn’t help at all so I’ll skip it next time and go straight for the Klite ones.

Cheers :thumbsup:

yay drivers :slight_smile: