Baba O'Riley

Does anyone know where I can find/get the CSI NY remix version of this? As in the Blue Man Group + the original lyrics rather than the straight up cover by the Blue Man Group? (which I already have)

What’s wrong with the Who original? :smiley:

Nothing :smiley:

But it’s nice to have a mix :slight_smile:

i agree with u there droid, i don’t see why people have to mess around with great tunes insteed of tring to come up with something orginal of thier own…

Don’t get me wrong, The Who original is my all time favourite song!

Who’s Next was my favourite Who album. Classics like Won’t Get Fooled Again were part of my youth. Ahhh!! So many years ago :chuckle:

Was brought up on the who and other greats like the stones…miss spent youth i think they call it now a days i call it good taste

The BMG B O’R video on YouTube is worth watching, but the Who version cannot be bettered for the soundtrack itself.

Of course it can’t there not called classics for nothing…:slight_smile: