Back in the game

Found a project you guys are barely touching and moved up to second in RAC! Nope not telling you boys. . .if I did I’d be back on bottom. Leave it alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still kicking and glad to see TPR is still around.

Hello Stranger!!!

Welcome back - and I know the project LOL I know it’s CPU bait, but boy am I tempted :smiley:


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Oh hurt my feelings :frowning_face: What would make you think I would do something like that.:rofl: Besides that is a really handsome “0” you have. :grin:
You been doing alright?

all good here, looking forward to the LAN next weekend, so make sure you keep an eye out on here as we might stream some stuff on Twitch again :slight_smile:

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Glad all is well. Had a small rough time, but I’m tough as hell. Looking forward to seeing some moments streamed.

we did stream a bit at the last LAN - but that was mainly testing to see/check that us old hands could work it!

Darn this new fangled tech.

Staying strong? Wouldn’t have expected anything else! But am glad to see you and to hear that you’re still giving out more than you are getting :smiley:

If you have Twitch, follow me here and it’ll ping you for when we go live