Back in the game

Found a project you guys are barely touching and moved up to second in RAC! Nope not telling you boys. . .if I did I’d be back on bottom. Leave it alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still kicking and glad to see TPR is still around.

Hello Stranger!!!

Welcome back - and I know the project LOL I know it’s CPU bait, but boy am I tempted :smiley:


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Oh hurt my feelings :frowning_face: What would make you think I would do something like that.:rofl: Besides that is a really handsome “0” you have. :grin:
You been doing alright?

all good here, looking forward to the LAN next weekend, so make sure you keep an eye out on here as we might stream some stuff on Twitch again :slight_smile:

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Glad all is well. Had a small rough time, but I’m tough as hell. Looking forward to seeing some moments streamed.

we did stream a bit at the last LAN - but that was mainly testing to see/check that us old hands could work it!

Darn this new fangled tech.

Staying strong? Wouldn’t have expected anything else! But am glad to see you and to hear that you’re still giving out more than you are getting :smiley:

If you have Twitch, follow me here and it’ll ping you for when we go live

Yay Vortex !
Hows it going dude ?

Checks in my panties. . .
I had two rigs go down! One back up and working to fix the other when parts get here Monday. Bui besides that all is as well as it can be. Happy New Year.

Yep this is a thread hijacking…

Just when you thought the world was safe, TG reappears… LOL

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Long time no see, where you been hiding ?
Out on maneuvers ?


TG! Bloody good to “see” you :biggrin: How are you?

Were your ears burning last night? :thinking: I was talking about you to my 2nd youngest & how you introduced me to t.A.T.u :blush:

Hey guys :wave:

I’m doing good, thanks. Been hiding in Norfolk and just recently Lincolnshire and in a couple of weeks I’m gonna go hide in Scotland for a few dayz :grin:

Anything good been happening since I was last here?
How’s everyone doing?

nothing changes in land of DT - work hard in order to play harder.

The past few lans have been a lot of fun catching up with more and more every time as people pop-in. Online has become so diverse with all the different social platforms that forums seem to be a dying breed, unless you’re a reddit sub!

Glad to hear you’re doing good! May have to dig out the old need for speed game as that lingering memory of us meeting at the top of the hill at full pelt is something I’ll never forget!

What were you doing at the top of a hill with TG ?
And going at it full pelt too !

Does Mrs Top know about this ?