Back-up Project

Since I am having trouble getting any good WU’s out of Docking, looking for a back-up project.

Orbit@home looks interesting. Anyone running the project, thoughts / opinions.

Not tried it myself Heidi. Be interesting to hear others thoughts on it.

Recently ran World Community Grid for a short while… it allows you to choose specific projects if you want so I ran a few units for fight-cancer and AIDS.

Team wise we are in a very lowly position in that project.

Attached, no work! Detached. (orbit@home)

So what projects does TPR need some help in other the seti and folding.

Re World Community Grid: Thought about it… Yet it passed.

Think I’ll go back to Cosmology@Home as back-up project for a bit then maybe Einstein@Home after awhile too if Docking doesn’t get a grip soon.

You could always come to the dark side and help me on my quest at WCG.:smiley: ( I will return the favor at the end of the run and when docking stablizes.):Plot:

Rosetta, SETI, Docking, Milkyway, and occasionally Einstein are my crunchers. Since you like Docking, you might try Rosetta as a backup. No GPU though.

Well I have a couple projects running, yet set to “no new tasks”.
WCG is now up on the 9550 and 965 soon as cores open for “Serious Crunchers”.
Figure I owe you that much for your help in the past.
When Docking is back though hon, you’ll be seeing my backside.

Oh BTW, you haven’t seen dark till I step in the room. ~smiles~

oops. . . forgot about simap, WCG is going to share space on the comps.

thanx in advance,will look forward to seeing you. After this WCG challange will be back at docking to make the run for my 2nd project mil.(not far to go):xfinger::trophy:

No problem.
The 965 is crunching and units to be returned in about an hour.