Backup and Restore help / file access problems

If I backup a drive using Windows XP’s built-in backup procedure (creating an *.bkf file), how do I restore that onto another drive?

I have a drive full of data that, when you try and access it, says that the file is inaccessible or may be in use etc. The Windows backup utility, though, can access and backup all the files on the drive. What I was planning to do was then restore that data onto another HDD and see if I can access the data then.

Any advice/tips/guidance much appreciated.

been a bit since i used it but should give you the option to make a auto recovery disk after doing the back up where it have u use a floppy save back up someware other than the drive u are trying to make copy of . then remove that drive and set the othere up as the drive u were useing use the floppy to restor the info from the back up . then switch the drives again … this should work theough never acully tried it.

though u might wate for othere replys as they ay be a lot easyer way to do it only played with back up a bit durring classes and been a while since i had them .

Well chuffed. The backup complete OK, I formatted the original drive and restored and I can access the data :slight_smile:

glad u got it working :slight_smile: