Bad eBayer....

Basically someone sold a laptop on ebay which was 2 months late and didn’t work. The seller then refused to refund the cost to the buyer. The buyer found out that the hard drive was still working and hadn’t been erased, so he published a website about his findings.

Story Here

Website here

Let that be a lesson…format those hard drives :wink:


:lol: excellent find, cheers drezha

Excellent story, drezha. Talk about some sweet payback!

But of course it’s now under police investigation, I bet the person who set the site up will come off worse…

You’re probably right. Good find though. Cheers D! :thumbsup:

That is brill i had a good laugh reading that

If that was me i would have done exactly the same thing i like how he said he hasnt been asked politly for a refund well excuise me but if i spent 300 odd quid on somthing that didnt work i dont think i would be asking nicely for my money back i think id have a bee in my bonnet demanding it back.

The guy that bought the laptop was lucky that there wasnt any nasties on that laptop it could have been worse if you know what i mean.

with the police looking into it i bet the guy is going to loose out twice which i think is terrible he was just letting others know what he is like incase he did this again.

Im sure i recognised
Melissa from those photos… :wink:

Thats awsome… but he could have added all the porn in himself to emberass the guy… I hate ebay :slight_smile: