bank holiday antics

hi hi,

right then, its a bank holiday here in the uk. its windy but nice enough outside…

so how meny of you lot with small people are gonna take them somewhere to fly a kite? i think windy days should be used to fly the simple kites, but not the lame 1 stringed kinds more the stunt kind that are fun…

your thoughts?

/edit this may be :spam:

would love too, we have a great ‘common’ just down the road from me. see people flying kites all the time [i actually have a stunt kite in the attic too]
but i got toooooo meny college essays to write.

well if i took our small person to fly a kite hed prolly end up flying too :wink: (hes only 6 weeks lol)

too busy keeping a wary eye on the Central Heating to go flying kites

remembers the last bank holiday :rolleyes:

Not windy enough to fly a kite here, plus it’s been raining on and off :frowning:

why wait for the bank holiday :slight_smile: i was out with my kite the other week, it was too windy and i broke it though :doh:, oh yeah and there wasnt any small people there, just big kids :slight_smile:
and bank holiday? they dont exist… i still have my two lectures + 2000 words to do on an essay for wednesday :frowning:


Having watched Descent on Friday night I thought I would go visit somewhere under ground.

Small boy didnt watch it and I fell asleep in the middle, and odd film to wake up to :eek:

The mission of you lot that are staying in is to find out which caves I will be visiting

Caves include the “River Styx” and end at the “inner temple” . . . .

Know the feeling. A test tomorrow, 2 lab reports to write for Friday and a two other bits of work to do onto top of some revision :cry:

Lectures canceled for today. But I’ve still got to finish a piece of Java software, and write a report. As well as a practical (Java programming) test I’ve got on Thur.