Bank Holiday

So what have you tarts and slackers got planned for the Bank Holiday weekend? Personally, I have either the worst cold ever, or a mild flu so won’t be doing much :frowning:

Damski & Fluffy are coming to visit us for the weekend :clap: No firm plans yet as to what we’re going to be doing, but will be fun anyway :smiley:

naff all here, will prob waste most of it playing world of warcraft

Me thinks im going shopping (dont have money) :lol: but the other half wants to shop :slight_smile:

hope you all have a good easter :slight_smile:

working a load of stupid hours over the whole weekend in th eoffice and at home for overtime :slight_smile: my next day off isn’t untill NEXT weekend :open_mouth:

So far i have painted the downstairs toilet walls, put a blind up, put new carpet in there, fitted new toilet, sink and associated rails/holders. Finished tiling the conservatory floor yesterday so that looks quite smart. Not sure what to do with the rest of the day now!

Going out tomorrow night as my mate is back from Iraq and he’s got a suprise party in store for him!

working :frowning: thankfully the company i work for is 90% internet based so it can be done from home… but still a pain tho :rolleyes:

Yeah me too, on call till next Wed. Need to stay close to home and the internet connection.

Spending the weekend in bed still recovering! :mad: :mad: :mad:

Working, doing housework and spending time with Pete as he’s back from Spain today…oh and more than likely playing cards tonight with friends over the club while petes at the disco upstairs :smiley:

Me 3, only until a week on Monday :frowning:

Was planning to go to work today. Got up, showered and put office clothes on. Since then I’ve helped Chris sort out his lappy, sorted some wiring in the car for the Road Angel, ripped out a utility room cupboard and & installed a wine fridge for Mrs B. Trousers will deffo need a wash.
Looks like I’ll not be going to the office today :slight_smile:

the horrid task of taking stuff of an old rig and transferring/installing as much as I think I need to leaving the accumulated trash behind …

after that, some football with the kids at the park I think :smiley:


Probably lying around not doing much, maybe some uni assignments if I can be arsed…

Waiting for some work from a company called glasgow driver hire.
altho i dont have a license they look for labourers and drivers mates that kind of stuff.
And watching some films and doing sone stuff round the house :slight_smile:
and scoffiing easter eggs :slight_smile:

4 days off … 4 glorious days of rest and relaxing :smiley:


got up today and no hot water, after a quick scout around the plumbing I find the 3 port motorised valve is :censored: so now I’m draining the system and running around the suppliers looking for a replacement :rolleyes:

I don’t remember running over any black cats :confused:

Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. Modern valves have a clip on drive head (mine didn’t :frowning: ) so if the valve shaft isn’t siezed you maybe just need to replace the head without draining down.
If you do replace, I really hope the valve ports are the same fitting and centres. Had to re-jig my pipework.

definately the valve itself Mr B. - the actuator head is fine

hoping the new one (when I get it) is the same size/fittings as the old

err, any idea how much a plumber charges on a Bank Holiday :eek: :lol: :lol:

i/ve been in peterborough for the week :slight_smile: having good fun off to a bird sanctuary today back home tomorrow :slight_smile:

Just got back in from a camp out at a mates and airsoft all day in his woods.

Tomorrow will be a recovery day (espcially as parents get back from Portugal @12 tonight) and will be jet lagged…

Monday not much…

Tuesday mind…Be waiting for Parcel farce to deliver the parcel they were meant to deliver on Thursday:mad: :realmad: :cussing:
Isn’t there something like I can get my money back on it because they didn’t deliver when stated?:mad: