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Seeing that Mandrake 9 dosn’t reconize the nForce2 chip set with the 2.4.19 kernel ,if I could get mandrake installed all I would have to do would be to recompile the later 2.4.20 kernel and all should be alright. Am I on the right track???

What you need, I think, is this:


I found a RPM for kernel for Mandrake .
All I should have to do is install it , optimise it for Athlon K7 ,Maths emulation , nForce Chip and usb 2.0. and compile it and all should be OK.

Yes ???


No, see above. My advise is to try that before you update your kernel.

Well I tried it and it didn’t make any difference. So I installed the new kernel and this mandrake 9 just absolutly flies, so i was lucky.

Next Question is what is better a Kernel optimised for I686 or Athlon K7 when im using a 2400XP?