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Post bargains that you spot at online stores

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2Gb USB Flash drives for a £10

1 per customer mind. Cant complain. Ordered mine.


£99 for 1Tb Samsung Spinpoint F1


Nice find there War_Pig, as I drive past the place on my way to work everday, might just have to buy that thecus nas server I’ve been promising myself with 5 x 1tb hdds in it!!!


250Gb drives for £15.22 at Dell + postage!

Buy 2 and get them both for £30.44 and no postage to pay!


I’m guessing Walter shan’t be wanting my ext hard disk now then :slight_smile: that’s just a silly price, but nice find :thumbsup:

Remeber to use the Dell affiliate link, I’ve done so on the last round of office hardware and the server costs fund is looking pretty sweet.



10 ordered, sold 5 already!!!


Page not found here, guess it was a mistake


No, it wasn’t a mistake, dell have now pulled the order.

It seems that (according to a number of forums) that someone mistakenly put in an incorrect product number and the offer was meant to be for a Kensington Bluetooth adapter.

As I ordered 10, I’m now wondering whether Dell will honour the order. (apparently a LOT of people ordered!)


:lol: and now Walter gets a nice cheap external drive :lol:

Ah well :smiley: it had to go somewhere …


  • vat at whatever the rate is when you order I guess :slight_smile:

I’ve just ordered one of these, came within two days and tbh at that price it’s an absolute bargain.±+23/22%22+Arianet+Widescreen+LCD+Monitor+With+DVI±+Piano+Black+?productId=34318



Just got a bit carried away!"+TFT+?productId=32143


:smiley: @ Walter -just as long as I don’t get the blame



could have got it cheaper @…


im not paying LOL


Fallout 3 PC reduced to £19.99 at Game instore.

Makes it one of the cheapest in the UK according to Gamestracker


Savastore - Hitachi deskstar 1TB HDD £68.99 inc VAT


Honda : Formula one racing team with no engines, £1

Woolworths : 841 empty shops, no bids


£3 off Amazon MP3’s on Christmas and Boxing Day.

Use the code “FREEMP3S”


1TB External Drive - read link

edit - cheapest at scan for a 1tb is £74, so if you use the links, thats a £15 saving!