Bargains spotted.......


15% discount voucher for Thrify car hire, valid until 20/12/2012

I wont be using it, they wanted my online banking details to complete the vehicle rental so I walked round to Europcar and left with a bigger vehicle for the same rate.

PM me for the code.
Include an Email if you want the PDF.



Nice find Walter!! :cool:


Some excellent under a fiver deals from Origin Games.

Some good games in there and for this price a real bargain. :slight_smile:


Sandisk 960GB SSD £150 delivered at ebuyer as part of black friday deals. Ordered one for myself as my Crucial 1TB SSD is almost full already… :slight_smile:


Just looking back at this thread, right from the start, brings back memories.
All the tech we lusted after back then are paperweights now !!




this seems quite tasty

yup - 1TB ssd for £111


Great timing, was thinking of getting a large SSD as upgrade for video editing. At least SSD pricing seems to be generally down these days, major branded ones around £30 for 240GB, £50 for 480GB if you catch them on sale. Look at my previous post, 3 years ago on Black Friday sale I got 960GB for £150, but a more typical price then was £200 outside of that.


Subnautica is currently free to get on Epic’s store until 27th. Its been on my wish list for a while, but I never quite wanted it enough to buy it. Also works in VR for those that have/are getting it.


I’ve just paid £28 for a Pioneer branded 240GB SSD on Amazon and with free delivery!!!

Up until last night didn’t even know that Pioneer had moved into the SSD market… I wonder if it’ll last longer than the Kingston one it’s replacing…


Pioneer, as in the Japanese audio company? Haven’t heard that name in a long time if same. How old was the Kingston? Still under warranty? I had a Sandisk go before and they warranty replaced it no fuss. Haven’t had any problems with the cheap Kingston SSDs I used in crunchers, but they are crunchers so not disk activity heavy.


Well I never thought Pioneer would be into SSD’s ?

I found an interesting one on Amazon Here although I think the name is missing a ‘T’ somewhere.

Sure this isn’t a Chinese clone / copy of something ?



Pioneer manufacture optical drives… so they must be increasing their involvement in component manufacture…


The Pioneer SSD arrived today and did a clone copy of the Kingston HyperXfury SSD… If I’m right the random lock-ups and reboots I’ve been suffering will stop… Had this happen a few times with Kingston SSD’s…


Will be interesting to get a benchmark off that drive