Basic website weirdness

I’m coding up a basic website for friend and I’m using old style HTML and some javascript for a onmouseover gif change for the link buttons through Notepad. It’s nothing different to what I’ve done before, but IE8 keeps reporting that it has restricted the webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls which stops the gif swap from working. I can click through it so it works OK, but it is annoying. Anyone have any suggestions how to overcome this please?

My knowledge is limited. I haven’t even used style sheets, but it all works OK in IE8 and FF, bar this problem in IE

have u tried running it in compatability mode, (the little box to the right of the address bar?).

I bet the site is still on your local machine ? I dont know the technical reason why it does this… but if it was on a host it wouldnt have a problem… if you want to test it out you can use my site… ill sort you out with an FTP just to give it a test :slight_smile:

You’re right Sheepy. It was playing up on my local machine. but was OK on my webspace. :confused: Weird that. Another of IEs little quirks I guess. :smiley: Cheers anyway.

:slight_smile: coolio :slight_smile: