Battlefield 2 Problems

Have a major problem in the Battlefield 2 demo…

Seems to run fine but I’m getting wierd spikes across the screen. :frowning:

They seem to originate from my crosshair…

Tried changing drivers. Using 77.72 for nVidia at the moment.

Any ideas?

My nvdia card (geforce 4 ti) does strange thing from time to time with certain games and have always put it down to the age of the card…How old is yours?

Brand new. :rolleyes:

Also doing it in other games as well.

I’m assuming it IS a GFX card problem now…

Can’t be a power supply problem?

wouldn’t think so, when ever i have had problems with power supply not giving enough to the card it kill the pc completely and then made it restart, i would say either gfx or drivers, could try updating the GPU bios?

try going into the graphics card settings and change it from 8x AGP to 4x AGP, worked for me in one of my games

Sounds like single bit GRAM errors to me…heat?

What is the graphics card?

If this card is brand new, did it replace a card by the same chip manufacturer (Nvidia or ATI)? Could be a driver conflict if you switched manufacturers and didn’t completely clean out the old drivers (DriverCleaner is a good app for that).

IMHO, it really sounds like a hardware related problem. Do some Google searching and see if anyone else is reporting the same problems. If not, you may have to RMA the card.

I’m guessing it’s on his new rig


I get exactly the same thing you describe when trying to play Combat Flight Sim 3 , and thats with not only diferent gfx drivers but diferent OS’s and completley diferent machines (same Gfx Card type, fx5600xt)

Figured it. At least I’m guessing I’ve figured…

heat :frowning:

Some :cussing: :censored: decided it would be better for the card to have a heatsink.

A small heatsink…

Idle temp of GPU is 68C :eek: CPU temp is 40C 100%!

This temp rapidly shoots up when it’s doing work…like games…

Problem gets worse then crash’s so I’m assuming massive heat build up thats not being taken away.

Three ways I can fix really in my guess…

  1. New GFX card…extreme, but I’m tempted by the new 7800’s :smiley:
    2.See if I can remove heatsink or just plain bolt a fan on.
    3.Increase airflow through case which ATM I’m loathe to do becuase it’s nice and quiet ATM.

And changing the AGP wont work scott, as it’s a PCI-E card :wink:

is there one of those artic cooler vga silencer things available for your card, worked wonders with my radeon 9600pro :nod:


No idea. I’ll have to take a look.

It’s a Nvidia 6200 turbo cache with 256Mb memory.

Figured it. At least I’m guessing I’ve figured…


Bingo :slight_smile:

Now to go and find it somewhere. :slight_smile:

PC World reckon it’s a faulty card.

I’ll take it in and see what results they throw up.

Might get the 6600 while I’m there :rolleyes:

I have a 6600GT… great card and it didn’t break the piggybank!

Me thinks I’m going to get either a 6600 or 6800

Dont think this one is working either.

PC World swapped around the GFX card with another from another machine.

What do you know?

It seems to have worked.

Will go and play some more to make sure :smiley:

Still a high temp mind…:confused: