Battlefield 3

Hey so who is playing BF3 here and what do you think.

I picked it up last night for Xbox and played the first couple of levels and all I can say is wow!!!

The graphics and sound are amazing really moved the bar up the next rung of the ladder for everyone else i think.

Gameplay wise bf has finally matured the previous 2 were very cartoonish and a bit half hearted in singleplayer but bf3 plays like a high end blockbuster film. Deadly serious and still a lot of fun.

Its also suprisingly hard at some points, i am playing on hard as i always play all games on the hardest setting most games do not have a problem with but bf3 i have died A LOT which is good :slight_smile:

The graphics are sooo good it makes me want to build a gaming pc so i can witness the best 2011 has to offer. Xbox is impressive given how old it is but no AA or anything lets the visuals down compared to PC.

What you think should i build one???


Part-time gaming machine, part-time cruncher… why not!!! :Plot:

Haven’t played the single player yet, but my gaming group has been hitting the multiplayer pretty hard. It’s a great game for the most part. A few stupid things as DICE always likes to inject anti-realism into their pro-realistic games, but overall the gameplay is far superior to anything they’ve done yet.

Playing on the PC.