Battlestar Galactica

So, anyone a fan of the new series? Waiting for it to turn up on Sky TV for series 2?

I bought all the boxsets so far, and gotta say i’m completely hooked on it! So much so, that i have been granted permission by the other half to change my ‘One celebrity you are allowed to shag’ from Kylie Minogue to Tricia Helfer! :trophy:

yep she’s 100% babe

Its a big stage to change you “one free shag” ticket but its a good choice.

I think Battlestar is a great program, I love the style its shot in and the sounds they use in space when flying and fighting, somehow they seem more realistic to me than others. Its a good proggy but I only really got into it during series 2 so i’ve got to make time and go back to series 1 at some time :slight_smile:

love the show. everything about it. it just gets better and better with every episode

Is this back on sky now? :confused:

Season 3 starts in January i believe on Sky