BBC iPlayer comes to Android

The BBC has announced that Android 2.2 users can now access the BBC iPlayer service, all because the OS upgrade comes with Flash 10.1 compatibility.

To make sure the iPlayer works on Android screens, the Beeb has optimised the UI by tweaking the playback controls for touchscreen devices.

The broadcaster does warn that you can only use the iPlayer over WiFi and that your phone will need a powerful processor to cope with the data – but, as it is only high-end phones like the Nexus One which are due for the 2.2 upgrade this shouldn’t be a problem in the short term.

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Excellent news. Though I have to wait for v2.2 to come to the Streak - still stuck on 1.6.

for thoose on older androids there is myPlayer in the market place which with the last few updates does the job very nicely. :slight_smile: