Beat Saber new modes!

So I’m intrigued - how do the new 90 and 360 modes play on the Rift?

Those who did get the extra two sensors - well player :lol:

I’m lucky, new laptop is great and in the extension I can feed the cable to come down from the support structure - I just need more maps and at a greater difficulty!


p.s. nearly all song download mods are now busted

time to post those links to the most exciting Christmas Maps!

It’s been too long - with the new modes and getting back into playing, I’m dying here!

I use it once in forever, but actually have some space in house now so I might resume shortly. Because of that I notice mods break every time I use it, taking time to find what is “current” and works. Any tips?

@Hids, yes, I have actually made visible progress in tidying house.

Woohoo! Well done @mackerel :grin:

Unfortunately mods break with every update. I use mod assist and just run that each time there’s been an update. A bit of a pita to have to set up my specific mods each time but hey ho, I can live with that.

DT will give them a try once the chaos of this week is out the way :+1: Have hardly been on it myself since LAN but did buy all the music packs :blush:

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