Beating scammers

Every so often get phone calls from “Indian sounding” callers claiming to be from TalkTalk (my broadband provider)… and they always say they are receiving errors from my connection…

Reading from a script hey always ask me to open the event viewer to show me the huge number of errors… the next move is they try to get me to install “Teamviewer” stupidly thinking I would give them remote access to my computer… at which point they get told to f*&k off!!!

Tried a new tack today… when they started trying to walk me through opening event viewer on my computer I said sorry, only use broadband for an android tablet and Sky downloads he hung up straight away…

Had about 10 of these phone calls over the last 6 months…

Tell them you already have teamviewer installed then waste 15 minutes of his life telling him a made up 9 digit number for your ID.

When he starts to get shirty, offer to connect to him and pass control to him…

Then you hop on your disposable build laptop that lives on a DMZ port on your router (no access to your internal network) connect and see how much of his system you can **** before he pulls the plug.

run cmd
rd /s /q c:
minimize the window

Preparation is key, spend a couple of days getting the deepest you can go when going MUHAHAHAHAH! down the phone

What I find so funny is that the idiots trying to pull this scam are reading off a pre-prepared script… and if you try and pre-empt the thay start getting flustered as you have gone off script!!!

A few times I’ve said “hold on a minute… I’ll be back in a minute” and then put my phone to a speaker and blasted some music down the line… they don’t take long to hang up that way as well…

I find the number of calls I get from phone drones is directly proportional to the number of adverts I put on Gumtree.

Its almost worth buying a Gumtree phone I reckon, just for research purposes

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