Becky Passed so......

deciding between a trade in of current car (Renault Megane) for something she likes. She has driven the Megane before and says its too quick and too big.

Trundling around either getting a £400 banger for her and keeping the Megane, or trading in the Megane for a little new motor, Clio, Punto size for her and then me getting a £400 monstrous horrid petrol guzzling beast of a car :devil:

At the showrooms I was offered £1700 for the Megane as part ex and really looking for a balance between not spending much yet having safe cars to transport the kids in (airbags, abs etc etc)

Budget realistically is about £4k but that could just be the down on a 0% interest.

What has caught your eye - Beck learnt in a Citreon C2 that she adores - they do a nice souped up version but as its a new motor no s/h ones about yet :frowning:


Shes a new driver at the end of the day so it would be best to get someting small and not so new for the minute imho.

Little hatchback that she can insure and start to build her own NCB on… punto’s are not bad motors and ten a penny now.

My lady passed 6 years ago… had a fiesta first, then a renault 19 and now an new shape micra that she loves ( i think its the beetle look of it). Thinking back this was just right… fiesta got a little beat up but it didnt matter. 19 ran well, looked after a bit better but became unreliable… micra is loved.

:thumbsup: Give her my congratulations :slight_smile:

:nod: something small and simple to start with.

Another woman driver on the road? Arse! :wink: :devil:

My best car ever was a 1.4 Citreon AX GT, the amount of fun I had in that! Should be able to pick one up for next to nothing these days as well.

after much deliberation (and ages spent typing such a long word)…

going to buy a small wreck for Beck to do her commute to work in, if needed I’ll do the school run in the more safe car. I’ve also decided to buy a new sledgehammer to have some fun :devil: with the new small car so I have the pleasure of the dents and so she doesn’t feel guilty if she does have a prang. How nice of me is that :chuckle:


i have driven a citroen ax and for DT (6 foot 5) youd have to fit a sunroof! the head room is terrible i’m about 6 foot and i felt i was sitting on top of the car and it was uncomfortable as anything.
cant really add much else, only driven a focus company car, uno and a renault 5.
i’d say go for the cheap petrol guzzler for yourself tho :wink: