Been a loooong time

Well, been a while since i dropped in here. Is Doris still serving up the brews?

pulls up a chair by the fire

Who’s still here then?


Been quiet in here lately, very quiet… In fact too quiet!!!

still here, has gone very quiet recently, Doris has been in extended hibernation mode I think

ME! ME ! ME ! ME! Oh yeah, I’m still here too :smiley: As the others have said, a lot of people have drifted away to other places but like yourself, we get the occasional old face back on the boards to say Hi. Nice to see you here again Phlame. Doris has been very lax for a while and I had to resort to home brewing. Last batch was pretty good though although it had no alcohol in it and tasted remarkably just like tea… :chin:

Still Lurking and Stalking

Heidi !!!

I thought Doris had retired :confused:

I remember donating half a turnip and a tin of custard towards something anyway

Shh. . . Now darn it DT how do you expect me to stalk and lurk if you go shouting like that! ~smiles~

Blimey some old faces on here at the moment, and I mean old though not in my league.

Everyone here getting a little old; kind of puts a whole new meaning on crunchers. . . like the sound our bones make when walking.

Hi Mortlake, nice seeing you’re still around.

Yep, we’re all getting old… I’ve just been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine along with the lower 3 discs suffering degradation… won’t be long before I’ll need to start borrowing Mortlakes walking stick!!!

:confused: I always thought bananas get brown and squishy when they get old. . . I’ll need to ponder this some.

Sorry to hear the issues. . . never ever though give up enjoying life the best you can.

[QUOTE=Vortex;466863]:confused: I always thought bananas get brown and squishy when they get old. . . I’ll need to ponder this some.

Sorry to hear the issues. . . never ever though give up enjoying life the best you can.[/QUOTE]

Off to hospital this week to see a specialist and hopefully sort out some treatment… but i know one thing, I need something done as it is starting to affect my mobilltyd, my ability to do my job fully as well as affecting the old horizontal gymnastics with MrsFiend!!!

As for enjoying life the best you can, since a health scare over 10 years ago that’s what I’ve been doing… And you inspire me to!!! :cuddle:

Peek a boo…:wave:

Good luck at Hospital! Yes we are getting older because getting younger would be even harder with bodies like ours…LOL!

Sorry it took so long to get back. . . gee this dumb butt sneezed and throw my back out; ok you can stop laughing!
Seriously it pinched the sciatic nerve and been seriously down. . . a sneeze out of all things.

Hey Big yellow one, let us know how things are going.

Well, I dread visiting my local hospital and my visit to see the specialist was exactly what I was expecting. He even had the cheek to ridicule why I had had an MRI scan done - I didn’t ask for it, my doctor did. He basically came out said the pain I was feeling was normal for my age and the degraded discs were wear and tear and normal on somebody my age. He was behaving like I was wasting his “valuable” time.

He did give me a steroid injection into the bottom joint (L5) and told me he would see me in 3 months time. It has given me some relief, but there is another joint contributing to the pain and that is still giving me grief.

Ask for a second opinion if you’re not getting a satisfactory answer from this guy. You’re the patient and if your doctor feels there is a problem then find someone who is willing to help you with your problem and not fob you off. Some specialists are arrogant SOBs and my sister who used to work in the health sector told me many a story of their attitude towards patients. Don’t stand for it m8.

Was talking to somebody at work today about what happened yesterday and she said she had got the same “arrogant attitude” off him.

The injection has eased some of the pain, but I’m still suffering discomfort, especially when I’m trying to get to sleep and especially when I have to get up at 4:30 for a morning shift which means I can’t take any medication that makes me drowsy the night before.

my Dad had countless visits with his back pain, until one fortunate day there was an expert in the hospital who Dad got to see.

Also went through injections, operations and all sorts and it was actually something my Dad could fix with a number of target exercises