been gone too long

I’d like to say hello everyone i know its been a wee while since i’ve been on here. I will not leave it so long next time. I hope everyone tpr is well.:slight_smile:

Welcome back again m8! :wave: Happy New Year to you and yours too!! :slight_smile: What you been up to then?

Hi hope your new year is full of happiness. it is good to be back. Not done alot really how boring am i?. The most exciting thing i’ve done is to go back down south to see my dad & his new girlfriend, my uncle Paul’s girlfriend had a baby boy on xmas eve.

Hi hope you and yours had a good christmas & have a brilliant new year. The only exciting thing i have done is go back down south to see my dad, it was good to chatch up with him and the rest of the family, apart from that i have been ready alot, gonna try and get back into doing more drawing & painting.