Behold the magnificence

It started with a new battery, a splash of unleaded and half a dozen cycles of the ignition key to prime the injectors.

It moves forwards
It moves backwards
Its spins its teeny wheels
One radio doesnt fit so will probably go in the skip
The original radio fits and it worked although it stopped working then next time I started the car.
It appears to be asking for a code which presents two problem

  • I do not have a code for it
  • two thirds of the display is knackered.

Both items are bound for the metal skip.

The 12v camping TV works as a radio and for giggles it even works as a TV but not very well since nobody is broadcasting any more, its other issue will be I left it next to a construction of super magnets having completely forgotten what they do to a CRT.

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Is this the new TFW Bangbus ?

Just an impulse buy, I have three more from Witney auctions, some are not yellow.
Some have K-Series engines, Some may have no roof.

Not sure which to work on first but just for giggles the Galaxy lost third gear completely on the way to work one day.
On the way home it fed the missing bits of third to all the other gears, the noise at 70Mph* was quite astonishing, like the later stages of cooking popcorn, I am very curious as to what will be inside the box when I swap it out.

*may have been more, may have been less

Invest in a bulk quantity of head gaskets, and the necessary tools to change them.


Lalalalalala I’m not listening, dazzled by its shinyness

It has only broken down the once so far!

grep 1024 15778 |cut -d"=" -f2|cut -d’"’ -f2

I may have done a thing to the Jag

That isn’t going to fool any MOT testers you know, painting the top half rust coloured isn’t going to stop them finding rust underneath.

Or has it gone Ginger ?

GAS and the GJ sounds like a bad ventriloquist act.

Have you done the otherside as well ?

It’s the Pantone colour of Garfield! You’re not the first to say it’s a match for my hair :blush:

Full car done, ready for the rally to start on Thursday.

p.s. those Rovers are hilarious if you tea-tray the rear wheels on a good car park …


Elder son is driving the 414 at the moment as his much newer Ford Focup has decided to abandon having brakes.
Changing the vacuum unit on a Focup with Aircon is something of a challenge, A man with a certificate has to extract the aircon gas if there is any left.

I blame the Ecoweenies

or it just develops a leak :innocent: those jubilee clips on high pressure pipes can rust and cause the pipe to “fall” off

*falling off may involve, grips, pulling really hard and some swearing

I have the perfect BangBus replacement for you @MrTFWitt

One of the teams has had to pull out of doing the rally, despite the car being fine - other unfortunate reasons.

So this may be up for sale soon … SCOOBY SNACKS

Perfect for you TF !

Paintwork looks better than mine but I bet its a 2.0 auto or a 1.9 Dismal.

Besides, if I wanted to look silly driving around all I have to do is fix the drivers door (Window, lock, central locking basically every single part of a door apart from the bloody hinges) and the gearbox than I could be rollin the mean streets of Oxford in this Bad Boi(l)

You and Gearboxes don’t get on.
Some history here i believe ?

Buy a JCB.

Took the Micra for an MOT.
CV’s fixed, Brakes AsboSlutly magnificent all round, even black lines from the fronts, no lock up at the rear so the balance valve works, handbrake turns work in both directions.
It even has more fizz than I expected for a 1.0.

Failed on emissions, in a Biblical manner, its parting gift was to conjure the ghostly fog of the River Styx and clear the garage during the emissions test.

I was sitting in the waiting room on my phone, yep brake test done, bit of revs and back down.
Ah the emissions test, ok.
more revs this time and back down.
LOTS of revs, and back down
ALLL! of the revs, Eleventy thousand for about thirty seconds and a small but audible bang.
Then it boiled over, test aborted.
From the bang and smoke I expected to see at least one rod on the floor under the car,

In short the water pump has a cast iron impeller, it spins at three times engine revs and the car seems to have no rev limiter.

I haven’t summoned the motivation to yank the water pump but it sounds like a blender full of marbles now.

Shit cars are shit even when they are a disposable hobby/passtime

shoot the tester!

Guessing they revved to “clean” to try the test again? The age old, give it a blast on the motorway.

Can’t believe the tester killed it like that :frowning: You cleaned it and everything!

Oh my shitting dog, there are people prepared to disable the rev limiter on a feckin 1.0 Micra to save 0.5 (ish) on a quarter mile run.
On a top fuel dragster this would be a class winning advantage but the unverified gains on a micra are “Drum roll”

“I also made 4 quarter mile test runs with and without limiter using GPS based Racechrono in a mobile phone as a measuring device. 17.6 s and 17.5 s without limiter and 18.1 s with limiter.”

If I open the distributor and find gaffer tape I may well just set fire to the bloody thing now

I tried getting the distributor cap off today and snapped off a stupidly small bolt.
5.5mm FFS not 5, that would be TOOO small,
not 6mm that would be stupidly BEEEEG.

5.5 is just right to rust in solid and snap in the middle.

I have a hedge made of sturdy branches.
I will push this car to where the CCTV doesn’t cover and unleash my inner John Cleese quite soon.

On Monday the MAF sensor is coming out for a spot of resolder action, its running way too rich and apparently the PCB cracks at the joints, all the more likely if it spent the last years on the road revving its tits off.

so which Pizza delivery driver was listed as previous owner?