Behold the magnificence

In car television, not one but TWO sound systems, contrasting trim in shades of grim and finished in road safety week yellow…

Have a before shot as an appetiser

For the detailing phase I`m not sure which brand of clay bar to use, follow up with an ethically sourced lambswool wash mitt and perhaps three coats of Meguiars Showgrade turd polish ?

Suggestions welcome but are likely to be ignored

keep the “pattina” :lol:

How much were you paid to take that?

I just matched the price ASM offered and got free delivery to TFW towers.

It scrubbed up well, I would show you but Flickr is being a SLOW FLICKR.

And Finally Flickr shows up to the party, fashionably late with not even a mumbled excuse

ASM = scrapyard?

Bit of t-cut, it’ll be fine …

Yep, breakers with a web site

a few do now - although none appear to have the part I really want to have in the “just in case” box :frowning:

There’s a very specific Jag only breakers yard that are still on the lookout for an expansion tank that isn’t broken on the seal. Not sure how long my bodge fix is going to last. I suspect not the 2000 miles I really need it to.

So given the current weigh in prices, you have a car to tinker with for under three figures? The TV and spare stereo ofc added for weight :smiley:

They have an expansion tank here
No bids

they re-arranged the bay and tank size and position really early in the life of the s-type - they start to alter around 2002 as they realised the original was so bad - and now they’ve even stopped making the same shape, so it’s a proper bodge, even from factory! That’s why the pre 2002 s-types appear to be so cheap, there were so many things adjusted in the first facelift and without a significant amount of work to accommodate the new layouts and with no spares being made by third parties, the end up as stock cars. At least that’s my guess - although given the rust they suffer from, I can’t imagine they would last long in a stock car arena!

How’s flik3r doing?

aha - flick3r woke up !

looks great, zero street cred, a perfect first car.

It started with a new battery, a splash of unleaded and half a dozen cycles of the ignition key to prime the injectors.

It moves forwards
It moves backwards
Its spins its teeny wheels
One radio doesnt fit so will probably go in the skip
The original radio fits and it worked although it stopped working then next time I started the car.
It appears to be asking for a code which presents two problem

  • I do not have a code for it
  • two thirds of the display is knackered.

Both items are bound for the metal skip.

The 12v camping TV works as a radio and for giggles it even works as a TV but not very well since nobody is broadcasting any more, its other issue will be I left it next to a construction of super magnets having completely forgotten what they do to a CRT.

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