Benq warranty and general review

A bit of background, whilst in my old job the company I worked for offered support for a few clients, mostly deals that I got for a constant income stream for the business. So as you can imagine they were carefully chosen clients :wink:

So three years ago, I installed a full setup into an office, two new machines, and Acer for the main machine with a second hard disk added and an IBM cheapo for the secretarial type stuff. I also got a couple of monitors, one of them being a 17" Benq monitor from ebuyer.

Last week at the request of the business owner, I installed two new Dell machines, SC440, yup the £99+vat ones. Also got a couple of new widescreen 21" monitors which look sweet. Back to topic, the Benq monitor failed TWO days before I was going to do the install !! As the old machines were going to the owners kids, I had lots to do on the day, but I was offered the broken Benq to ‘tinker’ with.

A looksie on the Benq website, if you don’t have the receipt then the warranty is three years and three months from date of manufacture. THe fault was found on the web, something to do with some capacitors. The date on the sticker was March2005 … (do the working out)

One phone call later to find that is was TEN days inside the warranty period and I’m now waiting for them to come and do a return and replace :woot:

I’ve got to add that the customer service was excellent, the call centre answered my call efficiently and it was a general nice experience. So if you are in the market and are toying with others and Benq, I’d recommend the Benq.

Feel free to post other good customer service stories, but this one truly shocked me and now I have to find something to do with a recon 17" monitor !!


If it’s a CRT monitor you can’t easily give them away. I took my fully-functioning, but undesirable Belinea 17" CRT to the recycling centre so at least someone in the third world can make good use of it.

sorry I should have made it clear, it’s a nice 17" TFT :woot:


I use BENQ 20" LCD’s - Support, Warranty have been great have now 3 of them, and looking at moving 4 more to then 20" or better. 3 Year warranty is great!

Also the display quality is tops!