I have recently got a pair of TDL KV1’s that can be bi-wired, is it worth me doing this, if so what cable would people recommend, using Gale XL189 cable at the moment. is there any advantages using plugs over bare wire?

Tia, Curly

Stick with single Curly I’d only say yes to bi-wire on bigger kit so to speak
as long as your not using bell wire and have semi decent cable i’d doubt you
tell much of a difference, not enough to justify the additional cost IMO.

With 110 Watts power max if you run at full load you will need to pair up the wiring. If loading at half single strand of wire will be ok. Remember that more power (sound) more wires are better…think like more load more connect just like the NET… :smiley:

I use strand wiring always…cleaner output…put that just me…