Big Milestones Passed

Team TPR Docking has passed 90 million credits.

anthonmg passed 17 million credits.

Andy Williams passed 1 million credits.

:trophy:Great work guy’s some big numbers here !! :trophy:

As a team we are 1.8 million behind Planet 3DNow and have been gaining about 50K a day for the last week. Someday we may actually catch them!
Keep Crunching !! :tiphat:

I’ve been keeping an eye on the stats, we’ve been making a nice little progress into 3D again :thumbsup:

I know my set of machines is keeping the office nice and warm :lol:


Nice going all you guys crunching Docking. Wish I could do more :frowning:

Well impressed with me 1055T… the upgrade has more than doubled that crunchers output!!! :smiley:

Conger rats on the milestones everyone!!!

I dropped a machine back on the crunch a few weeks ago :slight_smile: just my media pc… it’s on 24/7 so I just thought it was worth crunching with it too :smiley: