Big Trak !!!!

Blast from the past or what :lol:

Big Trak, I can remember having played with one at a friends house many moons ago, and now I can get one all for myself :woot:

I received a IWOOT mail this morning, and as we have an affiliate link with them, my order will be placed :smiley:

Not sure how many links etc work together, but if you already an IWOOT customer there’s also an additional 15% off deal as well at please click the link on the image though to put some coffers in the pot :slight_smile:

Brilliant !!!


Still got my original one boxed in the loft back home, along with the trailer. Can still recall spending hours mapping out routes around the house to deliver an apple to someone (who was usually long gone by the time you had figured it out!).

Tish - you youngsters :wink:

I had something similar - a Computa Car , but it never really worked :chuckle: You had to cut out notches in a card to make it steer and go forwards & backwards