Bioshock - Good Fun!

Played the demo on Steam for a while, but spotted the original full game in Game for £4.99, so took it home. Good fun once you start getting the various Plasmids. I particularly like the telekinesis one and the Ice blast one, both good for despatching Rosies in various odd ways. :smiley:

Much more fun than just a plain gun :slight_smile:

you paid 4.99 for it? You should have bought it off Steam when they had the sale on, £2.79 m8.

Missed it unfortunately. Still always like to have the disc and case. I liike hurling corpses at Rosies just to save on bullets :smiley: Costs me in Eve, but the fun’s worth it

Must admit I was dubious about the game to start with, I didn’t think it would be anywhere near the brilliant System Shock 2, but once underway it turned out to be a damn good game :slight_smile:

Looking forward to Bioshock 2 now that I have a GFX card that will run it :lol:

PLayed both Bioshock 1 and 2 and both were really good. However the end of Bioshock 2 I just wanted it to end, it seemed they dragged it out a bit longer than I was expecting, otherwise a damn good game.

Loved Bioshock.

It was probably my favourite game of all time :slight_smile: just brilliant.

I bought Bioshock 2 Limited edition when it came out, but I have never actually played it in fear that it will ruin the greatness of Bioshock 1… :frowning:

Lol stupid I know.

A bit retro I know, but you guys really should try System Shock 2 if it will run on your systems …

I’m running XP64 and Vista 32, it won’t run on either which is another reason why I’m dropping back to XP pro (I’m sure it ran on that ok) :slight_smile: