Birds are stoooooopid.

SO I go out today and check the pool, leaving the sliding glass door open for 5 minutes. This Morning Dove swoops down and flys into the house ending up behind the kitchen curtains.

So being a compasinate kind of guy, I sneak outside and pull the screen off the window, slip back into the house and start to open the window. Stupid bird freaks out and starts flying around the room in circles finally deciding that the picture window doesn’t really exist.

You guessed it full speed into the picture window, and to his demise with a broken neck.:frowning:

One less stupid bird I guess!

They’re not too bright. Summer used to see at least half a dozen pigeons each year trying to fly through our lounge window. Some survived, others didn’t - all left a damn good print on the glass! One I particularly remember waddling in dazed circles around the drive with its beak turned sideways.

Hence the derogetory term: “bird brain”

I thought you was talking about the non feathered kind :smiley:

/me hides