Birthday Bash - Possibly my last Mojo's for a while!

Well the TPR 5th birthday bash next month may very well be my last Mojo’s for a while :frowning: Depending on when the first Mojo’s of next year is :wink:

But…there is a very good reason for this which may be explained here :smiley:


that is brill hids i do love seeing they pics im so happy for you and Barry are you two going to find out the sex or are you keeping it as a surprise

YES thats me gone broody but not having anymore no never again 2 is enough for me but i do get all clucky when i know someone is expecting suppose any woman does :smiley:

Congratties :slight_smile:

what he said :slight_smile:

Wow Melise !! Congrats :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Helen, yep we are going to find out what sex the baby is :smiley:

Complete sods law that today I get a bottle of champagne delivered to me from USwitch :cry: Decided to put it in the Tigger raffle though :smiley:

Whooo Hooo!

Congrats Spirit!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Congrats Hidds. :yippee: What you hoping for, a boy or a girl?

congrats hids hope all goes well for you :smiley:

A girl would be nice, but not really bothered either way :slight_smile:

great news, congratulations, guess this means you’ll have to ease off the smirnoff at mojo’s


Congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats :slight_smile: !

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Conga rats, ma’am :smiley:


Congrat’s Hids and Barry

Oh good…more for me :wink: