Bit good today innit

Great weather today, just a few bits to do then out for a nice walk along the Purbecks to get an appetite for a nice fat BBQ. :slight_smile:

Far to nice to be on the PC’s really, I’m just off out for a quick dog walk, popping into Tecso’s Express and the offey for supply’s…then Party in the Garden :smiley:

Overcast here as well.

Can’t go too far as the kitchen is being ‘done’ at the mo :eek:

Just finishing the traditional rain dance that is washing the car, off to Asda now to get BBQ stuff and beer :thumbsup:

Finally fixed the front bumper as well - no longer has designed string holding it on :lol:


Tis a great day mate, just fitted 6 thermostatic rad valves and cut the grass. Im now sat out on my decking with the Mrs lappy and a stella :glug: :slight_smile:

Now that’s intelligent. I normally get around to the central heating maintenance in the winter :frowning:

I’m on pepsi at the moment. Save the alcohol for later :slight_smile:

Looking out of the office window at work… :rolleyes:

There is a fare bit of cloud but on the whole it hot and sunny
in Staffordshire and hot.

Anyway back to work :frowning: but 1st wonder’s off to play with Office Aircon…
lower the temp a bit.

Lovely down here, barbecue smell wafting over the back. Missus just gone out for the night, got footy at 7 p.m. So I can’t eat or drink anything like beer this close ot footy or I’ll just be barfing it all back up. So maybe some UT…

Just got in from a 12hr shift, another one tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and… :frowning:

Cut the grass on both lawns and tidied up the gardens.

Knackered but it looks good.

Tomorrow having a quiet BBQ with some friends.

Getting ton of sand and 60 slabs delivered on Monday.
I am getting someone else to do this patio.

was nice and sunny and surprisingly hot down on the sea front here, propped up against the rocks, the only think spoiling it was having to revise :frowning:

Day picked up when the kitchen fitters left and we drover over to the Lowfield for tea :smiley:

Unfortunately the mixed grill was off the menu, but the scampi and steak were really nice.