Bitcoin, Anyone actually doing this ?

I’m curious now but the more I read, the more confuddled I have becomings Yes ?!?

Has anyone here actually generated real money from bitcoin mining ?

Now my rambling research has me thinking the project has a gradient, chains becoming more complex and requiring constant hardware refresh to keep in the running.
This would explain why there are so many low end products on the used market.

The other side of the coin (See what I did there) is the hardware supply, the saying goes “When there is a goldrush, be the one selling spades”

You can buy The Antminer S9 for £1200
You can also buy the component boards and construct your own, this is where selling the spades comes in (We are still allowed to say spades I hope)

I’m not doing it for two reasons…

  1. I’m ignorant (that can be cured).

  2. I’m paranoid of generating something that has a monetary value. With my luck, someone would find a way to levy a retro-active tax.

The more I look into this the more suspicious I become.

Imagine you have a valid and traceable stream of income, you spend some of this on bitcoin high end hardware which generates into a bitcoin piggy bank somewhere.
You also have a pile of dirty cash from any sort of untraceable and probably nefarious activity, this buys an industrial unit full of similar hardware that fire into the same piggy bank.

Who could ever prove where your bitcoins all came from ?

Have a look on youtube for “bitcoin farm” some of these installations defy belief.

as it’s money being generated, there are loads I’ve seen spent more and gone way over what we did even in the crunching boomtime ROI calculators based on your hardware and KwH are all the rage as well