Black rep points...

I’ve had 2 rep points left for me in the last couple of days…

but my total has remained the same and the spot in my control panel is black.

I’m assuming this is feedback left by users with feedback turned off?

these are rep points by users who may not have enough rep points themselves to make an effect to yours.


would some kind person please translate this for a newbie? Ta. :confused:

Found some info now by searching :slight_smile:

Silly me, I started looking in the FAQ :stuck_out_tongue:

/me looks in FAQ for better response :lol:

/edit - after a quick double check it would seem that users posts counts needed to be 50 before reputation takes an effect. Lowered that value to 10 :smiley:


Cheers DT.

So basically they’ve got to get 10 posts before I get that rep?

yes Drezha - once they have ten posts they can give reputation, and it will make an effect :slight_smile:


It was agreed at fifty to prevent new accounts from being used to adversely affect long-standing members reputation either deliberately or accidentally.

Once an account has reached the threshold, they can give rep. and it will count (for good or bad) but any rep. they had given when their post-count was below the threshold will never count.

It was originally 10 but this was felt too easy to reach by a little amount of spamming - 50 was a much better target. By then any ‘real’ user would have had time to acclimatise to TPR and would better understand its ethics and humour.

I note DT has now lowered it back to 10.

well just need keep eye on it if it looks like its being abused then im sure it can be raised again…

question when an acounts been baned / removed does the rep that acount gave out get removed ?

Does rep run out then, as i’m sure i had a really high rating, then it seemed to get smaller as time went by?