black sceen

hi guys sorry i’ve not been on for quite some time but i’ve had bad health problems . anyway the pc problem :slight_smile: it’s running vista it starts ok in safe mode with networking but in normal mode we can get to signing on then the screen goes black and nothing else happens :frowning: any ideas please ???

many thanks


This seems to be a related issue:

Also I would try this method posted first: (I tried this method years ago)

I know it has been over two years since this was posted, but I see one solution that was not posted. Try the following:

Type “msconfig” into the command box in safe mode. Your “System Configuration Utility” program should open on your screen.
Click on the “General” tab on the utility program. Select the “Normal Startup” option. Click “Apply” and “Ok” to confirm the change back to normal mode.
Follow the on-screen prompts to restart the computer. Your computer should reboot normally.
Run the configuration utility again if the computer restarts in safe mode.
Click on the “Boot” tab and ensure the “Safe boot” option is unchecked. Repeat your steps for the “General” tab described earlier and reboot.

Hope you have the disk.
BTW Hi Brucie

didn’t work :frowning: thanks though :slight_smile:

well you could knock me down with a feather lol left the stupid thing sat there switched on and bugger me it’s started poperly lol

Computers Huh? Pfffft! Keeps me in a job though. Gotta luv 'em :smiley: Glad to see you on the boards again Brucie :thumbsup:

thanks Droid :slight_smile: pc just suddenly just fired up after just leaving it on for about an hour very strange lol

Hmm, sounds like you might of appeased the computer gods and they gave you another chance.

The 'puter knew I was talking to Brucie and decided to play nice :chuckle: I have this effect on hardware. :smiley:

More likely the cat was mooching around at the back of the PC and nudged the monitor cable back into place :lol:

and hiya Brucie :wavey:

Sounds like time to make a backup Brucie, before it “falls down the stairs” and has to be replaced.

Being an owner of dubious hardware I would also be trying another monitor just in case yours says Samsung on it anywhere, my now retired Samsung started playing all sorts of games with declaring the refresh rate being out of range and eventually just not powering up and staying on preferring the same Henry Ford approach “Any colour you want - as long as its Black”

hahaha funny enough as it happens it is a samsung monitor new one at that lol yeah would be nice to make some sort of gaming rig but the wife would use it more than me :frowning: it’s hers thats going wonky not mine lol