Blakey say's get them buses out

Double deckers in the air

The New A380 Aeroplane from Airbus had its maiden voyage today as many may
have heard.

Wonder what will be the next big thing…

A floating hotel in the sky? :lol: Wouldn’t surprise me to tell you the truth :rolleyes:

crikey - we were topical in the pub ronight. Also discussed - but will a bigger plane mean a better kitchen, we took a random poll in the pub and found singapore airlines the best for food :slight_smile: experiences anyone ???

Personally, never been on a flight long enough to get grub :frowning:


i’ll post an update on KLM’s food at the end of July.
bit worried that i’m flying from Amsterdam to Manila on only two engines though! eek

My favourite was Mauritian Airlines, BA wasn’t too bad and Lufthansa was OK. SAA is surprisingly good.

The again, I love airline food. Better than me mums cooking:eek:

Air Canada was dam good for me :slight_smile:

I’ve flown throughout Europe in business class and the food is OK, SAS the best, they give you some VSOP cognac to wash it all down by default as well. Flown KLM business class inter continental and the food was OK, but nothing memorable.

TBH I think Virgin Atlantic does the best food, at least on the long haul flights, although never flown business with them, only cattle and premium cattle class. Althought I must admit on a 14 hour flight to Tokyo I was getting a bit stir crazy, so who knows how Neal and Ren get through their flights to Oz?

Manila is 17 hours. I think i will be insane on arrival. (how will anyone know asks the room?) :wink:

Food…what about the drink???

OK, so I’ve a choice of Lufthansa or Iberia to Chicago.

Anyone able to comment on which is likely to be the best?

personaly i dont think they should have scraped the concorde…i think its just the government being to carefull.i do like the look of the new airbus but i think with a plane like that something will go wrong it is simply too big…it will end the same way all super transporters go.