Bloody annoyed!!

What the hell…once again my site is down, just when I need it. Tried clicking the “support” button on the service providers homepage, just get an error. How convenient.

F**ked off beyond measure. :mad:

Time to find yet another hosting service.

Weird , I know its been an hour but both mine on HU are fine :confused:


No probs here either :confused:

all server are up, Bibby if you not happy put a ticket in to us and I will have your account terminated for you, btw just seems funny that you kick off and complain here but NOT on our forums and that noone else had downtime .

I would know if any sites went down

Of course, it’s just my imagination that I had no email service and couldn’t access my cpanel either. Plus, I would have submitted a ticket if I could have accessed the support section which, as I said, I couldn’t.

The site may have been working when you guys checked but it was definitely not working earlier. Not just me saying it, but others on another forum I use too.

Oh Barry, if I want to complain about anything I will do.

And I still can’t access my Cpanel!

If I hit the support tab from HU’s front page I get : ERROR: License Key Does Not Exist in Admin Directory.

Wether in Opera or IE.

Are we being forced to use their forums now?

Just out of curiosity Bibby m8, bearing in mind your account moved servers recently, are you trying to access your cPanel by IP addy? If so, try swapping the IP for domain name…

No, have swapped it over already m8. It’s working again now though.

Down again, woohoo!

Agreed - an hour later and I cannot access your site.

FWIW, mine’s OK :shrug:

One of mine with HU is down as well, but the other with HU is fine. currently knackered, both site and email.

It looks as though the HU nameservers are down, as I can’t query either.

:confused: Which ones are you looking at, they have a few more than two ??

And one is in the process of being migrated as it is poo, so may be taking some time. Agree its still a pain for those who have trouble though, though my experience with them has been very good.


I’m just going by the ones which Ciccio’s domain uses - and

Raised a support ticket, just got a mail saying they are aware of the problem and fixing it, don’t raise more tickets.

I don’t use the site and mail traffic is not massive so it’s not a major problem for me, but I have had to raise about 4 tickets while I’ve been with them, not sure if that is more or less than usual?

Tim, have a look on their forum, there’s a post up with some info on what’s going on.

There was a thread discussing it too, but it has mysteriously disappeared…