Bloody tarts, the lot of ya

Making an old man resort to creating a new profile because ‘Wolram’ is already in use :wave:

Any chance you can sort it so I can log in proper like? cheers

wanders off grumbling while looking at the new light fittings

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I’ll sort it - and welcome back !

Cheers Malk

Welcome to the new look TPR Wolly!! :slight_smile:

you have a email with a link to click and your original account will then have your new email.

checked your email yet Wolly?

phew I’m back

hit a few snags along the way, ended up not being able to access either the new or old account. I knew someone somewhere would keep pushing emails at me until something worked (the summary email with a ‘lost password’ link did it) and so I’m now available to rummage around looking for old gimp suits and broken light bulbs :laughing:

doris is still there, I think she may have lost a few items though as we still have a few missing in action members who seem to not want to come back to pay late fees on the “rentals” :smiley:

Hi Wolly!


just checking this still works - Wolly has been having email convos with SgtBilko about not being able to work out the new forums

not sure if I’m back or not . . up to now I’ve managed to log on once . . and then can’t log on again without requesting a password reset

ho hum, aint technology wonderful :smiley:

sshhhhh . . don’t let anyone know . . my log in worked again today.

Bit of an access nightmare over the last few weeks . . looking good now though


Hi Steve !


Well . . . since once more gaining access to the forums, the great God of black cats, broken mirrors and walking under ladders has been busy . . I’ve just spent over 2 weeks in hospital.

Good news is I’m home now, bad news is I return in 2 months . . . err . . when was that next meet arranged? :thinking:

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Tell them to get their act in order, say you are not available from 16th - 18th Nov as you are on a pilgrimage to Obersalzburg or something…


and I’m back again . . after another 2 week stay in that lovely Sheffield Hospital.

Seems my Gall Bladder just doesn’t want to play nicely, 2 nights of horrendous pain saw me recalled at much haste when a perforated Gall Bladder was diagnosed.

Yet another of those ‘down the throat’ procedures to insert another stent, and 2 drains shoved into the bladder and surrounding area. Back home now, but anyones guess as to how long for :slight_smile:

Been told that an appointment will be made in the next few weeks for some good old Keyhole Surgery to remove the offending Gall Bladder, Gall Stone, and the tube it’s well and truly stuck in.

Wishing a speedy recovery :frowning:

You better be well for the Mid-November bash you tart !


Get well soon, see you in November!