Second nose bleed in two days.

Never normally a sufferer. And didn’t do anything I know of to bring it on…:frowning:

Probably a bad diet and exam stress leading to high blood pressure. Or maybe the weather?

Anyone else suffer from nosebleeds badly?

only when i get punched in the nose :stuck_out_tongue:

joking nah never i have only ever had nose bleeds when my blood presure goes up which isnt very often really my blood pressure goes down more than goes up.

If it keeps happening m8 go and see about it just to put you mind at ease it could also be hay fever my brother gets it bad and he sometimes gets nose bleeds because of it but best getting it checked really.

It could also be the dry air, is it quite hot/dry where you live?

:haha: :haha: !!!

Stop picking your nose… that normally helps


First thing I knew was when I felt blood running down…no hands, finger, protrubnces near it…nothing was near it…

Dry or hot?
Nope.Bloody cold and raining cats and dogs…

cat hit you on the nose ?

Oh pussy has claws…

my dad had that problem so he gave blood on a regular bases never had a nose bleed since.

Could try That they need the blood

I have given blood before but since being at Uni I haven’t.
Proud donator of 2 pints so far :smiley: Even got a card to prove it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers bigsheff. Thats something to look into doing more again.

I got to 78 donations before diagnosed with diabetes

My Dad got to 498 then had heart attack they gave him the missing 2

There are a lot of causes: high blood pressure, sudden climate change, dry air, stress, etc… as a kid I used to get them every few weeks and when I visited my grandparents in a very humid part of the state I’d have nosebleeds that lasted for hours. I’ve had allergies cause them, too. If none of that sounds like your cup of tea, you may want to visit the doc.

Neal may have some advice as I think his condition caused nosebleeds.

Excessive blowing of nose can bring it on. I know my right nostril is rather prone to that… so for me at least nosebleeds are most common when I get a cold, although dry air can also bring it on (general winter conditions).

Had a surprise gusher Monday night. Just had a flight delayed before during and after, so spent too long standing around in airports/planes with their dodgy air supply. When I got to my hotel room around 2 hours later than expected, had a shower including a good nose blow. Looked like a scene from a horror movie when I opened my eyes.

On the plus side of this work travel, found the seafood in Pescara is damn good. And the tiramisu at the hotel I’m in is seriously nice too…

I do get light nose bleeds in hayfever season :frowning:

I get nose bleeds if i drink Guinness regularly, if i do a week of drinking the stuff, i’ll wake up in the morning and my pillow will be covered in blood, or one will just start for no reason in the pub while out.

The cure…make sure i have a tissue with me at all times, or put a towel over my pillow before going to be…well… i’m not exactly going to stop drinking the black stuff am i!!!

Same here… those walls and that blasted ground come up to meet me and smack me a bit hard! :smiley: