Blu-ray is coming

How much are the drives and discs?

Initial pricing for the Pioneer Blu-ray recorder with software will be from £595 - £650. :eek: Blu-ray discs write once discs (BD-R) will be £8.50 - £12 dependent on quantity. Blu-ray re-writable discs (BD-RE) will be £10.50 - £16 again dependent on quantity. As with introduction of CD-R and DVD-R discs these prices will fall as volume production economies begin to happen. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

(taken from here )

A well-known overclocking store is taking pre-orders if anyone has too much cash lying around.

I have a vision…that vision is Sony in the dumps because bluray has failed.

Sony are pritty much looking for the playsation 3 to be the thing that shoots this bluray into the number one spot… but as we have all seen recently Sony cant do anything right!

There BMG division made a massive booboo with Rootkit on there albums… :nono:
They forced all online retailers to up there prices 10% over high street stores…:nono:

I’m a bit more optimistic than that. To me there is no killer difference between HD-DVD and blu-ray and both camps are filled with heavyweight backers. So at worse there’s a 50% chance it it being a big hit or miss, more likely it will be a protracted format war that might be meaningless in the longer term e.g. like the DVD+/-R business. Distant future drives will probably do both. The PS3 might be expensive but not excessively so given its feature set.

Initial pricing is not a worry. Everything is always stupidly expensive when it first comes out. I remember paying £180 for my first 4x CD-rom IDE drive! A few years later, I got a 2x write CD-R for £300. More recently £180 again for a 2x DVD-R. Once they hit mainstream the price crashes. Now a CD-rom is worthless, with a DL-DVD+&-RW from around £30.