BOINC 1.05 is out


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  1. BOINC 1.05 released; beta test resumed (Karl Chen)

Message: 1
To: BOINC Beta Mailing List <>
From: Karl Chen <>
Date: 23 Jul 2003 17:01:36 -0700
Subject: [Boinc-beta] BOINC 1.05 released; beta test resumed

We’ve released BOINC 1.05. You can download it here:

1.05 fixes bugs from 1.03, including we hope, the “afx debug
assertion failure”.

(BOINC 1.04 release was never announced because a bug was discovered
right after it was uploaded. There was also some confusion on which
file was the official 1.04 release)

We are officially resuming the Astropulse beta test. It has been
running but we were waiting to release 1.05 before officially resuming
the beta. Source code will be publicly available soon for anyone

Karl Chen /

Sir Ulli

Cheers dude :slight_smile:


meaning this is now redundant???