Boinc Issue's

Finally bit the bullet yesterday and got an Nvidia GTX 550 ti… So I rush home and install the new card… update with the Asus graphics drivers from their website.

Something I had noticed prior to this is that sometimes when I would reboot my machine BOINC would take some time to actually connect to the localhost afterwards. Anyway once I installed the graphics card BOINC would no longer connect to the localhost (checking Task Manager there is no boinc.exe running) So I uninstall BOINC and then re install to a second HD thinking that BOINC might be effected by the SSD. <<< This doesn’t seem to be the case as now I can only install BOINC as a service using the protected applications method yet if you do that the GPU is no longer able to crunch!

Im at Witts end with this and sat there for three hours last night scratching my head, it could be down to tiredness that I couldn’t find the solution, If I have to re install Windows and that will some how fix the issue then I will attempt that. Im not sure I want to go to the effort of re installing windows when I don’t know if its going to resolve the issue or not.


What was the problem then Sheepy?

Which version of BOINC are you using?

It turned out that my AV was stopping boinc.exe from running, a strange one as it had been working fine for weeks… but then it all of a sudden stopped.

Seems to be all good now :slight_smile:

Good to hear…and welcome to the GPUGRID team…

Noticed you have had one WU error out on you… check the GPU core clock as cards sometimes have a habit of downclocking after an error - a reboot gets them going again at the right speed.

Also check the 1st post in this thread… it’s good advice and set your cache to a figure of 0.1 or 0.2 days

Ok my first issues have returned… I get the feeling its something to do with the way windows reboots? it must be effecting boinc somehow…

Ill have a fiddle with GPUgrid once I sort the other issue out first :confused:

Mind you playing some games has put a stop to GPU crunching for a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

They are back now… the issues I’ve been having that is…

the issues I seem to be having resemble these :

and only them :confused: its sooo annoying!

Will try downgrading the boinc client now…