BOINC Riesel Sieve - 11/18/06

Team Phoenix Rising Riesel Sieve

Rank: 44 -3
Total Factors: 103
Total Credit: 16,847.35 +5,112.24
RAC: 169.27 -103.26

Mackeral has left us :frowning:
bigsheff1 has joined us :slight_smile:

Our Crunchers:

Pos   Name          Total Factors                 Credit          RAC 
1.    bigsheff1                18  	        2,578.99       135.36
2.    DoubleTop                19               1,464.64        46.71
3.    fenix25                  48               2,817.66        34.17
4.    Michael Roberts          18               1,160.49        30.58

Total factors reset due to the loss of Mackeral.

ta m8 aiming to take no 1 spot later this week in actual points mode from dt

get cleaned up DT

Is the factor count a sum of the team list? At least credits stick with the team at the time. I wanna crunch for two teams but not with two accounts, so this’ll happen.

Soon as you left it seemed to take all your factors with it.

I’m sure we can live with that! It means we can break out the smiley faces every now and again too.

I might be joining in for December. Once I get home, I wont have 24/7 internet so Folding might leave me with some spare times.

Undecided about whether to do BOINC again or Dnet. I really do like the client over BOINC…

I just joined :slight_smile: Lets see if I can help out a little.

Adding some hardware now.

Dnet stats are down gain and no stats means I’m not fussed crunching a project that isn’t great science wise.

Ooh, rieselsieve found a prime a few days ago, using the llrnet client.

Elsewhere, I have upgraded the mac mini CPU to a merom T7400 so it is now doing LLRnet instead of boinc sieve. I’m finding the boinc side to be a little unstable recently as they’re trying to get boinc LLR going.

I’ll let them get the LLR sorted on BOINC then switch to that with me laptop.

BOINC wont work on my main. It will, but no projects give it work because it’s a 64 bit OS. It’s gone back to Folding…which run s fine in 32 bit.