BOINC stats page (for Predictor and SETI)

Hello TPR members, I have watched you from afar for years… but now I am just dropping in to let you know of the stats page I have developed.

Someone listed it before, but it has many new improvements! Most of which it lists various stats for Predictor AND SETI.

Other featres include
[li]Top Teams ranks
[/li][li]Top Hosts Ranks
[/li][li]Top Individual Ranks
[/li][li]Top Countries
[/li][li]Individual pages listing all your computers, team rankings, world rankings and more.
[/li][li] SEARCH function to find members/teams


I am always open to suggestions if you can think of things that would add to the site.


(PS No you cant convert me… I am SETI Synergy all the way!) :eek:

more staaaatsss :slight_smile:

Never a bad thing, nice work :thumbsup:

Are you sure we can’t convert you, we have custard and turnips !!!



Nice job Zain :thumbsup:

Real shame we’re not getting any credit atm though.

Any plans to sum all project stats into one unified league.

Hmmmm custard!!!

NO… must resist.

Yep, I do have plans to join the two… but before that I want to get DAILY history up and running for top individual members/hosts, Overall teams, and Member team breakdown pages similar to this page

Sure there are lots of ZEROs right now (the validators have not been processing returned units)… but it gives me a few days to get things working before it kicks in.

After that… linking CPIDS across platforms should be my next goal… though I have to go back to work tomorrow… so thing will be slower than this week.


Yes, ditto to that. Us stats junkies need all the fixes we can get!!!

Congrats TPR … now #1 in Predictor…

Have a look (pretty UPDATES showing daily stuff too! - you will be the first to see them)

Cool. :slight_smile: