BOINC Stats wrong?!

Here’s my graph for CPDN from CPDN stats…

I dont remeber getting 900 credits yesterday! I’ll check out CPDN site but me get 900? i think not! I only hit 54%…

Looks like something might be a bit wrong. A lot of people seem to have high credit yesterday. Hope they fix this or the VT results are screwed.

my RAC went from 2500 to 3500 yesterday, I did finish two units though. That explains the big jump in the VT stats for the Darters.


Carl (the developer) bumped up the BOINC score from 0.007 to 0.00875 per trickle to get it more even with the other projects,
look here on the Climate P board
Hopefully he will also find the lottery bug before he leaves.

cheers Aquila nice to know whats going on, but then does that mean for the last two months I’ve been getting less than my seti counterparts ??

Not that I’m bothered as most seti wu’s seem to disappear during “validation” :sigh:


Thanks Aquila. DT’s got a point. This makes CP even more attractive for credit :slight_smile:

although the credit issue is true, I think I would still run CPDN anyway, its been 100% reliable for two months on a rapidly growing number of pc’s. Gone from 11 to 18 pc’s and not had any issues.
Plus as I’ve said before, the climate prediction really interests me.


Yeah, that too. Can’t agree more m8.

Yep :slight_smile:


Better than SETI 100%!!!

Man…why am I still running SETI?! :confused: