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Thanks to Mojo and Sir Ulli for digging up the following links :thumbsup:

Home Page

Server Status

Working Stats :yippee:

Berkeley Top Teams

Berkeley TPR Stats

Top Computers

Kevin’s Uber Stats

Boinc Stats

Phoenix Rising @ Boinc Stats

A Quick Guide to Getting Started

  1. Go Here to create your account, or if you are already a SETI@Home Classis user use this page to activate your BOINC account. You will receive an email with your account id to the address you specified.

  2. Download and install the latest version of Boinc for your operating system from Here
    Mirror download site Here

  3. Enter you Account Key. Project URL:

  4. Remember to turn off your screensaver and Join TPR

The Projects available for Boinc

Seti@Home (The new version of the Classic)

Predictor@Home Alpha Test (Protein Folding)

Astropulse (Currently Inactive, Rumors persist, but who really knows?)

BOINC Beta Test (Only active on rare occasion now)

BOINC Alpha Test (Invitation Only) Beta Test (Taking Volunteers for Beta)


Getting Help

You could try asking on our forums or


BOINC Message boards (general info)

BOINC Message boards (problems and questions)

Boinc Development Team Archives

Useful links

BOINC Beta test page


Boincview by Amanheiss

Seti Boinc Stats Counter

Mojo’s official BOINC scoring system


The official BOINC scoring system for TPR

This scoring system will apply to all BOINC institutions, namely SETI@home, Predictor@home, and BOINC Beta test. Scores are only accrued within one institution and cannot be transferred.

Bragging rights and willy-waving are actively encouraged… :wink: If some arty person wants to set up some icons for each project which we could use in our sigs…

The official BOINC scoring system for TPR

At 10000 Cobblestones you are allowed to take off your straitjacket
At 20000 Cobblestones you are allowed to remove your foot-shackles
At 30000 Cobblestones your handcuffs are removed
At 40000 Cobblestones your balaclava is removed
At 50000 Cobblestones your earplugs are removed
At 60000 Cobblestones your gag is removed
At 70000 Cobblestones your blindfold comes off
At 80000 Cobblestones your shirt comes off
At 90000 Cobblestones your trousers are removed
At 100000 Cobblestones, naked and gibbering, you are removed from your cell and instantly promoted to the executive board of the institution

Have fun!

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