BOINC Virtual Teams

Coincedent with Milhouse’s excellent SETI classic stats returning :thumbsup: I have been working on Virtual team stats for BOINC. Stats will be posted regularly and hopefully we can have some BOINC VT fun and drag races. Its going to be cleaner to make new teams for BOINC because we have new members who never crunched Classic and also the difficulty synchronising. Existing teams are of course welcome to register here under their old names but some of you might want to nominate a new captain.Others may wish to join existing teams or set up your own between you.


For the benefit of newer forum members I have posted a brief FAQ.

What’s a Virtual team - Basically a sub group within TPR for having a bit of fun with group drag races and other crunching competitions. Join a team and your stats will be added to the team total. When we have races your crunching efforts will contribute to your team winning the race.
Do I still keep my own BOINC stats - Yes, It does not affect any of your BOINC accounts.
What projects are included - At the moment I’m using Kevin’s excellent TPR BOINC stats site as a data feed. Currently he shows SETI, Predictor, CPDN [EDIT] and LHC [/EDIT]. Hopefully other projects will be added as they go live.
What no Lifemapper. - Sorry the stats systems are different. Might agree on a way to do this in the future.
Can I belong to more than one team - No its caused some issues in the past and I would rather avoid it. If you feel strongly about this then post & say so. All this stuff is up for suggestions.
Are there team captains. Doesn’t matter, its up to the teams.

How do I join a team. - Just post in here giving your forum name, BOINC name and team you wish to join. If you crunch under different names for different projects (bad idea :() I will need all applicable names.

Here, for a bit of interest, is the current overall VT BOINC Stats based on what I believe to be the old SETI classic team structure.

		-----------------	TOTAL	SETI	Pred	CPDN
1	Ex Skz	-----------------	658807	380876	185155	92776
2	Team USA	---------	497615	184155	248432	65028
3	VT Banana	---------	493047	350118	69508	73421
4	Seti Overseas	---------	482097	181699	235521	64877
6	Team Petrol Head	-	465327	165236	235214	64877
5	Team Jedi	---------	441030	140940	235214	64877
7	Team Tyke@Home	---------	328590	249560	79030	0
8	Team Bottom	---------	307370	182924	77943	46503
9	Midlands @ Home	---------	254994	192275	54004	8715
10	TPR Darts	---------	233729	128496	45032	60201
11	Team Wales	---------	213612	119757	33654	60201
12	#net	-----------------	121906	100437	15041	6427
13	BSIT	-----------------	117400	69506	40993	6900
14	Team Basingstoke	-	48787	35418	13218	151
15	Team Seti @ Home	-	30890	17880	13011	0
16	Team Top	---------	3885	3885	0	0
17	Team Spam	---------	3885	3885	0	0
18	Team Red Rose	---------	3885	3885	0	0
19	Wet 'n' Wild	---------	0	0	0	0
20	Team Capital	---------	0	0	0	0
21	Team Scotland	---------	0	0	0	0
22	Happy Hubster	---------	0	0	0	0
23	Team Sloth @ Home	-	0	0	0	0

So I’ll start

The Balrog, The Balrog, Team Fleeing Banana. :banana: :funknana: :banana:

Ill go for the nanas again we should be able to whop ass big time … :funknana: :funknana:

:thumbsup: nice one Balrog

mojo, Lowfield, Team Tyke@Home

Oh! go on, go on, go on, go on. Stick Droid in for team #Net

DoubleTop, DoubleTop, captain of those known as VirtualTeamDarts :smiley:

why, well we have no idea, its just VTD has stuck and my t-shirt would look silly otherwise… :chuckle:


OK i think i’ll join TEAM VTD(i brought darts to mojo’s), its time i left skz.

I’ll let DT think of a VTD name for me if they will have me :wink:

OK done so far.

Neal I assume you mean both accounts “Renata and Neal Chantrill” and “Renata Chantrill” Hope I don’t need an authorising post from herself :smiley:

Well done Big Boy,

ike would like permission to (re)join team #NET

Ohhh i allmost forgot, i would like to found a new team: DILLIGAF

Throw me on team USA. Time for me to move past team Skz too.

I feel the same as the other Skz’ers, please add me to team USA

:banana: I’m a nana :banana:

Would have gone for team devon but I´m about the only guy from devon…
what about drezha, leader of team DT (dark Throne??)

team Phoenix

… I’m thinking about a Team South, would you want to slum it and be a part of that (I know Devon is technically south-west…)…?

Team USA please :slight_smile:

Hmm… decisions, decisions…

Moving on from Ex-Skzers… I’m starting BOINC with TPR and that’s where my loyalties lie for it.

Toss me in with those other #NET nutters… :smiley:

In the spirit of moving on I think the nanas should revert to the original name = Flying Bananas :nod:

Fleeing Bananas were originally all members of a :vader: drag racing team called Flying Bananas. There was an ‘episode’ :smiley: which resulted in many of us coming over here, with a few others deciding on DD.

Top idea Mortlake:thumbsup:. btw I emailed Cap’n last night but heard nothing yet.

What he said ^^^^^

Hence Fleeing :wink: