So I thought I would set you a puzzle

Who can decode this ?

4 26 76 26733 86329 4 26853 7448

Who ever solves it sets the next one

God I hate setting questions :frowning:


‘I am so bored today i could sh!t’.

… I will have to have a thinksie :confused:

/edit Well noticed binlala :wink: i missed the so out.

its actually

‘I am so bored today i could shit’

:wink: but ill let you have it PMM :wink: :lol:

indeed :nod:

So simple maths…

A special dartboard has only eight segments. The segments are numbered clockwise from the top as follows:

15, 3, 6, 4, 12, 5, 10 & 0

The number on each segment corresponds with its unique point score.

How many different combinations are there to score 18 on this dartboard using three darts only ?

Each dart lands in a segment and no dart falls to the floor.

my guess Is 3 :confused: but im prbably wrong !!

Indeed you are :wink:

I’m going for 6. Sure there’s no doubt more but in my cold filled head I can’t think :lol:

Now can one of you tell me how the hell you figured out TFW’s? :confused:

its to do with the letters on the number keys of phones Hidds :wink: I looked at my mobile and thought about it… PMM was quicker to the post :frowning:


For all I text, I didn’t even think about that one :lol:

Indeed 6 is correct :nod:

Can someone explain the cipher on teh first one?

I actually got it right :smiley:

Oh s**t, that means I gotta think of one now doesn’t it

Will get back to you soon on that one :wink:

Google T9 code dictionary.

Pretty simple one here…

The candles on Jane’s birthday cake measure 300mm before igniting, the candles on Peter’s birthday cake measure 250mm before igniting and the candles on little Tom’s birthday cake measure 325mm before igniting.

If Jane’s candles are ignited 3 mins after Tom’s, and 4 minutes before Peter’s, who’s birthday candles will burn longer?


Nope :wink:


You aint approaching this with right thinking :wink:

Eh :confused: Your expecting me to use my brain at 4ish PM with an hour
to go before I dash home from work :chuckle:

jane cos only one left…but theyll all burn the same cos u never said how thicvk they are and how long they last :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: