Brain teaser

So If noone is in IRC,

And it takes 20 minutes to get a reply to a post.

Where are all the TPR peeps? :wink: :devil:

Well i’ve been watching Supersize Me

so now its time for a big takeaway to go with all teh beer i been drinking


i’ve been drinking…again

See now if driknign alcoholic beverages is the way to go. I’m way ahead of you (but behind DT) but what about the other 1000 members? Other than them being right members? Snigger.

I, sir, am working. Yes, working! As you can see…


I’ve just got back from watching the hitch-hikers guide, and it was most excellent!

Dont you dare tell me what it’s like…planning on going tuesday

Ive been out, up the g/f’s house !

Whats it like?..

A cinema?..

Big building, lots of people, but thats not important right now

and dont call me Shirleyy:D


Only up her house???

i’ll refrian (sp?) from saying more

Eeek! an airplane quote!!!

Roger Roger.

What’s our Vector Victor?

We’ve got clearance Clarence

That’s Clarence Oever, Over.

Arrrgghh!!..what have i started???

:eek: Ciccio is behind me and wants everyone to do a :moon: at Mojo’s - getting worried :wink:

Don’t you just hate alcohol induced hiccups <hic>


Dont you just hate mods that cheat and close threads just when you get 7 in a row :smiley:
As for the mass mooning at mojo’s…hmmm…would there be room :smiley:

shudders and rapidly starts to browse the Ike babe galleries to not fall asleep :wasted: with that mental image…